Tibetan Tapestry


I want to thank Andrew Whitehead for encouraging me to take my manuscript out of the attic and turn it into an interesting book with the maturity of hindsight. In his excellent biography of Freda Bedi, he wrote:


Cherry Armstrong’s [as yet] unpublished account of the year she spent at the Young Lamas Home School has the freshness and excitement of a youthful odyssey but one laced with a shrewd eye for how the operation held together as well as affection for the lamas and her fellow volunteers. 

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Thank you also to Kabir Bedi for allowing me to recount some amusing early tales. He wrote:

What a lovely book you’re writing ... It should be mandatory reading for every Lama and Tibetan in every monastery around the world founded by the Rinpoches and Tulkus who learned their English at the YLHS.

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Sarita Armstrong

Cherry ack pic1

I also want to thank my friend Julie Stubbs for her eagle-eyed reading of my final draft, and for her encouragement with many happy emojis and ooooh fascinating stuff! 

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And a ‘thank you’ to my husband, Martin Coombs, for help with the cover picture and other photographs, most of which are more than half a century old.