Sarita Armstrong


Outward Bound



Two crabs set off on a coastwise jaunt.

Their craft was ship-shape, sturdy and gaunt.

They crammed the hold with all sorts of food,

Potted shrimps and wine so good.



A seacrow came to bid them goodbye;

A shearwater tipped its wing to the sky.

A light breeze filled their sail so white,

The rippling sea sparkled with light.



‘No Destination’ they wrote in the log,

For they couldn’t decide which course to plot.

But they liked it like that, and pottered away,

Exploring the coves and each lonely bay.



A rocky island beckoned afar, so

Bravely they headed their boat offshore.

Cresting the waves on the ocean cool

They silently longed for their tranquil pool!



Then dolphins played around their craft,

And joy and hope arose in their hearts.

Brave crabs that sail on the ocean deep

Will anchor safe before they sleep.



Then beetling cliffs rose high above them,

An inlet opened up before them.

Hearts were light with the anchor fast,

A stern-line round a rock at last!



A full moon rose as the twilight fell;

On ‘fruites de mer’ they dined so well.

What extra joy is to be found

When fearless crabs go outward-bound!



©Sarita Armstrong