Sarita Armstrong





Life – take me by the hand

And lead me where you will.

My kicks and curses you ignore

My tears you do not see.

Only at crossroads do you stop

And laughing turn you head to me

To say, “And which way now, my love?

Which way will laughter bring?”


But you already know my mind

Better than I do myself, so

Life – here, take my hand.


Life – lead me where you will

I cannot change your mind.

I know not what you want of me,

I know not whom you’ll make my friend;

What stony path you’ll lead me down,

What garden you will rest me in.

But if I put my trust in Life

And follow carefully where it points –


The stumbling blocks will give me strength

The thorns compassion lend.

To foolish foes I’ll kindness give,

And learn to make amends.


Life – lead by the hand

And take me where you will.

One day you’ll lead me to my death

For that we all must know.

But still I’ll put my trust in Life

For Life through death will gaily stride.

But more important to me now

Is this new crossroads found -


I know not which road will be best,

So Life – here, take my hand.


                          © Sarita Armstrong  1982