Sarita Armstrong



Lihou Isle is like a whale

That slumbers on the sea.

At first you reach his tail and then,

Mounting on his back may walk

The ridgeway of his spine.


His eyes are small and hard to find,

They gaze right out to sea.

For what or why I cannot tell;

I know he waits for time to pass -

Perhaps to break his spell.


Strong powers are here within the earth

Not overlaid by man.

If I can lie in this rough place

And sense the drumbeat there within –

Perhaps my heart may wake.



© Sarita Armstrong 1982

The Island of Lihou lies off the north-west coast of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. It may be reached by a causeway at low tide. There is a ruined priory, and locals have always considered there was something special about the island.