Sarita Armstrong


Life’s Seeds


I gave my hand to Life

To lead me where it would.

I followed many paths to find

Lightfooted ways that made life good.

But heavy footsteps fall behind

Along the road as it unwinds

And leave a shadow on my mind.


I wish I had ten pairs of feet

To follow all the paths that lead

To homesteads where my friends I’d meet:

And once again we’d feed

On Life’s life-giving mead

And talk of times that might have been

If only roots had sprouted from Life’s seeds.


But Love’s seed has its place,

And Love will weave its lace,

To give this life a web of grace

And keep that smile upon my face.


Though still I wish that every road

I came across would load

My arms with cloth of gold

To wrap my love, and to enfold

Each loving heart that has been blown

By winds of time across unknown

Desert sands, where seeds unsown

Blow down Life’s corridors alone.


    © Sarita Armstrong 1995