Sarita Armstrong




In Badger’s World the sun will shine

For ever and a day.

In Badger’s world the grass is green

Where we all love to play.


In Badger’s house the beer runs free

The cats all do the same.

At Badger’s door welcome awaits

The happy, sad, or lame.


From Badger’s view, the skies are blue.

The sea is turquoise green.

The dusty streets are paved with gold

(But his dinghy won’t be seen).


We see him at the corner shop,

We meet him in the bar;

And as we cross the busy road

We glimpse him in his car.


He’s always going here and there,

Fixing this and that.

Whenever something must be done –

Badger’s got the chat.


He’s bought a stove for next to naught;

He knows where you’ll get one.

You need a bit that’s lost its bolt?

Badger’s just fixed one!


It may not be impossible,

It always can be done.

We love him most because we know

He wants to make life fun!



© Sarita Armstrong 1997


Badger’s World


This poem was written as a birthday present for a crazy friend to all ‘yachties’ in Turkey back in the good old days when we were all ‘characters’. ‘Badger’ is a nickname, of course, but those who know or knew him may recognise the persona. I met him again around ten years later when he handed me a copy of this poem which I had forgotten about but which he had had written out on a kind of scroll. The other day I found it again when tidying out a drawer. Some people just keep coming back!