Sarita Armstrong


The Tao in the Tarot


The Tao in the Tarot weaves together the mysteries of the I-Ching and
the Major Arcana of the Tarot.
Part 1 reveals an underlying synthesis of ideas and a common source of
inspiration between these two methods of divination, and shows how for
more than two thousand years the traditions of each would have been used
and debated by travellers along the Silk Route connecting Europe and
In Part 2 we journey through the cards of the Major Arcana placed in a
circle and connect them with selected hexagrams from the I Ching and in
so doing we are led out of the circle into a spiral. Along the way we
connect with other ancient traditions such as the grail legend, the
pattern of numbers, pagan gods and goddesses and the early use of stone
circles, to finally discover just how relevant these ancient symbols are
to us in today’s world.
The author’s own simple but evocative Tarot pictures accompany the text
of each card, and the relevant I Ching hexagrams are fully explained
with coloured diagrams. Essential reading for the serious student of
either the Tarot or the I Ching.