Sarita Armstrong

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The Odysseus Code (first published in 2013) is now available in a new edition. It links Homer’s story of the journeys of Odysseus to the sophisticated seafaring abilities of the Phoenicians and Minoans. These people, who existed at the dawn of our own historical period, were using maps created when our world was not as it is today. It follows numbers given by Homer as a nautical passage planning exercise to reveal a simple answer to the thousand year old question of where Odysseus sailed, and why. Interesting questions arise about the accepted history of our ancestors and the world in which they lived.




Tibetan Tapestry is a heartfelt account of life amongst Tibetan refugees. Based on letters posted home from India in 1964, it is a true and personal record of the early days when Tibetans had fled their homeland and settled in the Himalayas. At eighteen, with an inherent grasp of Buddhism, Sarita (Cherry) acted as assistant to Freda Bedi at her most unusual school for incarnate lamas. Expressed with humour and sensitivity the narrative also covers time spent visiting a road working camp, taking a trip with a future film star to the Taj Mahal, a pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya, plus much more.




The Tao in the Tarot connects the two divinatory systems of the Major Arcana of the Tarot and hexagrams of the I Ching. After years of reflection on the subject, the author has related these archaic traditions both geographically along the Silk Road, and as symbols that link humanity regardless of race or creed, in a way never previously encountered.




The Baggywrinkle Cookbook is a light-hearted series of stories that follow the handsome Captain Baggywrinkle on his single-handed sailing journey across the Mediterranean as he learns to cook for himself and his friends along the way. (MORE)






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